What I Spend in a Week Living in New Zealand

What I Spend in a Week Living in New Zealand

Hi guys! I totally forgot to take a thumbnail photo while I was filming this video, so I used one from the photo shoot I did with my friends. Shoutout to @hmubynanz on IG, she transformed me into that stranger on the thumbnail hehe Also, I just want to say I really enjoyed making this video, and if you have any video suggestions, let me know in the comments and you might just be responsible for the next video idea. Thanks for being here. 🙂


please help me get to 20k!

My Youtube gear:
Iphone 8plus
Velbon Tripod
Canon G7X Mark 2

Post production:
Mac Air (Final Cut Pro)

If you want to create content, I say do it. Do it now, do it today. It doesn’t have to be for anyone, do it for yourself.


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