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Are you looking for a car Insurance policy? Is the information available over the Internet all over the place? The people you talk to are only creating confusion? Some must say Third Party Insurance makes more sense, while others are a definite for comprehensive insurance. Don’t worry; this video will answer all your questions, not just that it’ll help you choose the insurance policy that s well suited for you.

It’s very important for you to choose the best car insurance value, such that you get the best claim possible in case of an accident.

Interestingly, the used car segment is huge, but ironically the information available around it is not a lot and what’s available is too ambiguous. So we thought of solving this problem. We have created a series of VLOGs to help India find the right information in the right place.

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We researched a lot and found out that people are looking for information around How to transfer your RC? What is IDV? What is third party insurance? What’s the difference between Third party and comprehensive insurance? Where to sell your car? And well the list is on. So we bring to you all that you need to know.

The best part about MyDrive powered by CARS24 is that you can ask us about any topic related to the used car segment and MyDrive will help you with the same.

Our first episode is all about the different types of Insurance available in the market and which is the best one for you.

Hope the video helped you decide which policy is best suited for you.

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