Save Money on Car Insurance (The Frugalicious Show)

How to save money on car insurance: Ask about all available discounts, like special features on your car – daytime running lights, anti-lock brakes, good driver discount, etc. Also check out Costco’s online defensive driving course – will lower your insurance premiums once you take it.

Did you know your teenager can have lower insurance if they get good grades? There’s a good student discount, and they can get even more of a discount if they take Driver’s Ed.

To save on maintenance and repairs, check out – maintenance costs can vary from mechanic to mechanic – even amongst dealerships, so SHOP AROUND!

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BITSY: Hello hello welcome to The Frugalicious Show,
I’m Bitsy Jennings,

and this is my co-host Erin Brooks.

ERIN: Hello Bitsy and to all of our viewers out there. And today we’re

going to tackle one of those unavoidable expenses – the car.
Now unless you

live in New York City here

BITSY: Or Venice

ERIN: Yes, or unless you live in Venice and take your gondola to work.

You’re likely to depend on a car to get around.
And if you have kids over

16 you may be looking at having multiple cars

BITSY: Absolutely, so today we’re going to break down how to save
on all

things automotive
ERIN: Mmm hmmm from the buying to the insurance, to the maintenance

and gas, it all costs money, and we’re going to help you get
some great


BITSY: Gas, how do we save on gas?

ERIN: Well, what about cash back credit cards? Like the American Express

Blue cash card or the discover Open Road card, and the Discover will

you up to 20% cash back when you redeem it in the form of a gift card

BITSY: Cool.

ERIN: Yeah pretty cool huh, and of course there is always our beloved

Costco company card. we love the Costco. Now that card offers up to
3% cash back

BITSY: Oh Costco, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Preferably in

dollar bills.

ERIN: Exactly. Alright, so lets talk about buying that new car.

BITSY: Ok well, first, do not just go to the lot, I repeat,
do not just go

to the lot unprepared, salesmen are looking for
someone to come unprepared

it’s like a bear looking for honey,
so you want to do your homework before

you go to the lot because
it is a battle, it is a war, and you’ve got to be


ERIN: So do your browsing online and come prepared.
Know what you want and

what it should cost, MSRP is a made up number,
completely made up. What you

need to know is how much the dealer
paid for the car and what the markup is

in that price so you can
be on top of the game. And also know what’s important to you and
your family. Automatic sliding doors for the carpool? Ok.

BITSY: But automatic rain-sensing windshield wipers? Not if you
gotta pay

for them!

ERIN: And don’t just think about the price of the car itself,
think about your insurance costs, fueling your car, maintenance,
the whole package. So stay tuned and we’ll cover all that in our
next segment!

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